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.. Contents 1 Principle 2 Transfer characteristics 3 Output signal power 4 Bit-rate 5 Adaptive delta modulation 6 Applications 7 SBS Application 24 kbps delta modulation 8 See also 9 Sources 10 External links . The modulator is made by a quantizer which converts the difference between the input signal and the average of the previous steps. The integrator itself constitutes a low-pass filter. Differential pulse-code modulation is the superset of DM. Its main features are:. The analog signal is approximated with a series of segments. 2011 November 16. whereas the condition to avoid slope overload is. In delta modulation there is a restriction on the amplitude of the input signal, because if the transmitted signal has a large derivative (abrupt changes) then the modulated signal can not follow the input signal and slope overload occurs.


Delta Modulator . DM is the simplest form of differential pulse-code modulation (DPCM) where the difference between successive samples are encoded into n-bit data streams. Rather than quantizing the absolute value of the input analog waveform, delta modulation quantizes the difference between the current and the previous step, as shown in the block diagram in Fig.1. if the input signal is. Each segment of the approximated signal is compared of successive bits is determined by this comparison. Output signal power[edit]. In its simplest form, the quantizer can be realized with a comparator referenced to 0 (two levels quantizer), whose output is 1 or 0 if the input signal is positive or negative. To achieve high signal-to-noise ratio, delta modulation must use oversampling techniques, that is, the analog signal is sampled at a rate several times higher than the Nyquist rate.


the modulated signal (derivative of the input signal) which is transmitted by the modulator is. The two sources of noise in delta modulation are "slope overload", when step size is too small to track the original waveform, and "granularity", when step size is too large. But a 1971 study shows that slope overload is less objectionable compared to granularity than one might expect based solely on SNR measures.[1]. The transfer characteristics of a delta modulated system follows a signum function, as it quantizes only two levels and also one-bit at a time. E.g. The demodulator is simply an integrator (like the one in the feedback loop) whose output rises or falls with each 1 or 0 received. 4fb9d08492

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